Demonstration of Recovery, an autonomous disinfection robot

An idea born out of the Covid-19 health crisis

During the Covid-19 health crisis, Innowtech and three other CleanTech Booster companies decided to join forces in a collaborative effort to propose an innovative solution to meet the decontamination needs of premises.

It was through an exchange of messages with Janyce Franc, director and co-founder of STERIXENE, that the idea of combining the technological building blocks developed by several companies to offer a decontamination robot was born. Thus, Innowtech joined forces with :

– Sirea, expert in industrial automation and energy efficiency;

– Alfileo, publisher and integrator specialising in IoT and vertical Machine-To-Machine solutions.

– Fadilec, specialist in industrial automation and IT.

– Stérixene, expert in non-chemical decontamination by pulsed light.

An innovative solution resulting from regional collaboration

The first prototype was presented to the hospital in Bagnols-sur-Cèze only 5 weeks after the idea was born:

– Innowtech, provided the command and navigation and piloting technologies for the robot, based on a set of 4 holonomic wheels. The robot can thus move without constraint at 360° (including laterally to skirt the surfaces to be decontaminated) and will integrate autonomous movement algorithms (mapping and localisation).

– Sirea, has dimensioned the batteries and the energy systems by minimising the size.

– Stérixene, provided two UV LED panels whose first tests show very promising decontamination results.

– Fadilec, responsible for the assembly and the protective casing, carried out the final assembly.

In addition to the UV LED panels, the ReCOVery robot is equipped with a disinfectant solution nebulizer that allows access to areas that may be inaccessible to robots.

Alfileo is involved in the next version of the robot, in order to propose data management solutions for ReCOVery.


The prototype presented and tested in a hospital room is at 1/2 scale, the next version will have a height allowing to decontaminate with a maximum efficiency up to 1m20 (height of door handles, switches, etc.) while remaining manageable to be able to pass under furniture.

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