INNOWTECH launches its first fundraising campaign

INNOWTECH, which specialises in the development of technological bricks and sensor robots for collecting data in dangerous places that are inaccessible to humans, is announcing its first round of financing in February 2021. 

INNOWTECH’s know-how: to collect measurement data in places that are inaccessible or hostile to humans, and to reduce the exposure of operators to industrial or accidental risks thanks to autonomous, wireless, small and lightweight robot-sensors. 

It is with great enthusiasm that we started our first financing campaign, accompanied by the AYOMI platform, an artificial intelligence capable of identifying the investors present in the direct and indirect network of a company.

This platform makes it easier to obtain financing over an average period of 6 weeks.

The funds raised will contribute to INNOWTECH’s commercial structure as well as to the hiring of new skills within the team.

A first round of financing closed!

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