The letter M: INNOWTECH wins a contract in Australia and plans to raise new funds.

INNOWTECH, which designs and manufactures industrial measurement solutions such as robots equipped with sensors in sensitive environments (nuclear, piping, etc.), has won its first international contract. “We signed with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), which was looking for an autonomous robotic measurement tool to measure the activity on the surface of the soil in its facilities.”

After Australia, the Gard-based company intends to strengthen its international presence, particularly in the United Kingdom, Spain and China “where we have already begun prospecting”, says the director, as well as in Germany and the Scandinavian countries during 2022.

Industrialization and diversification

Innowtech’s other ambitions are to move up a gear by industrialising the manufacture of its robots, which would be assembled in-house, and to diversify its markets. “We are already positioned in the energy sector through a collaboration with EDF, and we would like to strengthen our position in this field, but also in the chemical sector and in all regulated industries” says Alain Godot. 

With this in mind, the company is planning to recruit three people between now and the end of the year, “two for industrialisation and one for commercialization”.

After raising funds, the amount of which is confidential, at the beginning of 2021 via crowdfunding and from institutional investors, INNOWTECH is already planning to launch and close a new round of financing in 2022, aiming to raise €1.5 million. “This time, we plan to open our capital to an industrialist” adds Alain Godot. 

Within the next 18 months, the company may move to larger premises to support its growth and the internalisation of part of the manufacturing process.

Data analysis

Innowtech is not short of projects and would like to complete its offer. “From 2022 onwards, we intend to offer services downstream of our robotic solution, for the exploitation and processing of the data that our robots will have collected on site” announces the entrepreneur. Furthermore, “We want to provide even more services to our customers, which is the continuation of our strategy” says Alain Godot.

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