TRIPOLI-4 training at the Lycée Albert Einstein of Bagnols-sur-Cèze

On March 25, Innowtech presented the TRIPOLI-4* tool to students and teachers of Terminale S at the lycée Albert Einstein high school in Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

The context : DEMPlus Benchmarking

It is within the framework of a GIE I&MS** project that Innowtech is collaborating with Oreka for the benchmarking of its product: the DEMPlus*** software. On this project, the students’ contribution to an industrial work is of great added value. Indeed, the students will compare two softwares (with two different calculation engines for dose rate calculation): DEMPlus developed by the company Oreka and TRIPOLI-4, an internationally recognized Monte-Carlo particle transport calculation code developed by the CEA.

The tools: a computing cluster and two training courses

To achieve this, TRIPOLI-4 was installed on the computing cluster of the Albert Einstein high school. This cluster provides several codes and business software.

Two weeks ago the students were trained in the use of DEMPlus, with which they learned how to make dose rate calculations at different points in space. This Monday, the focus was on TRIPOLI-4, so the trainees (students and teachers) were given a brief presentation of how the code works before embarking on more than 3 hours of practical work on concrete cases of applications in radiation protection.

Success of the operation: ambitious apprentices

Despite the use of several new tools (access to a server, use of a Linux control terminal, use of a Monte Carlo calculation code) the apprentices of the day showed great dexterity. At the end of the afternoon, each group was able to take the tool in hand and present radiation protection results in the form of tables and graphs.

The next step, therefore, will be to benchmark DEMPlus against TRIPOLI with a concrete and real case during two days of workshops in the coming weeks.

*E. Brun et al., TRIPOLI-4®, CEA, EDF and AREVA reference Monte Carlo code, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Volume 82, August 2015, Pages 151-160

**Le Groupement d’Intérêt Économique Innovation & Milieux Sensibles est composé de 7 TPE et PME du gard rhodanien : Innowtech, Fadilec, Sematec, Nuclear Adapt, D&S, Groupe Ecia et Oreka Solutions.