The prototype of the RIM robot-sensor

Description of the investigation and measurement robot

The prototype RIM (Robot for Inspection and Measurement) is the first robot-sensor to be born at INNOWTECH.
The mobile base is equipped with three motorized holonome wheels allowing the robot to perform translations in addition to the classical movements.
The sensor module embeds a dose rate measurement probe, a camera and a lidar. It is able to perform 2D mapping of its environment, which will eventually allow the robot’s position servoing thanks to a SLAM* type algorithm.

How RIM works

The robot is controlled via wifi by a HMI transmitting the measurement data and status data of the robot. The HMI also allows the parameterization of the sensor robots and their remote control.
This first prototype is designed to work in collaboration with other sensor robots in a common standardized and secure network.


This first prototype of robot-sensor allows us to set up the different innovative technologies we wish to implement. A multitude of mobile bases and plug&play sensor modules will be declined on this base, allowing us to meet the specific needs of each use.

*Lidar : light detection and ranging.

**SLAM : Simultaneous localisation and mapping.