Arrivals at INNOWTECH

Léo Michel (left) and Thibaud Durand (right) join Innowtech’s multidisciplinary team. Léo, who holds a DUT in electrical engineering and industrial computer science, is now a mechatronic engineer apprentice at the ITM Mines Alès. As for Thibaud, he is an R&D engineer with a degree in the same field (mechatronics from IMT Mines Alès), after an apprenticeship at LECA-STAR*. During his apprenticeship at CEA, Thibaud developed innovative R&D tools for the manufacture and control of fuel rods in high activity shielded cells. Thibaud and Léo define and build the mobile platforms, systems and control interfaces of our industrial measurement 4.0 robot sensors. Depending on needs and applications, the Innowtech team defines robot-sensor systems that can operate in harsh environments.

*Laboratory for the examination of active fuels / Radioactive treatment and remediation station (Fuel Study Department of the Nuclear Energy Department of the CEA)